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Microlights: XT-912 Outback

Standard Features

70 liter long rang fuel tank.
Superb rear suspension adding to the extra suspension already gained from the big tyres.
Larger and more comfortable seat.
Larger instrument binnacle with room for extra instrumentation plus windscreen.
The GX2 glass panel instrument with it's excellent features including fuel usage and flow meter.
Fitted vinyl aerodynamic soft sides with storage.
Under seat storage bags.
Optional Duratuff Bolly 3 blade propeller.
A choice of the new Cruze and Streak 3 wings with 3 panel undersurface.
XT engineered airframe.
Tundra undercarriage standard.

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Rotax 912 80HP Engine
Electric Start
Front wheel drum brake with park brake
Ceramic Coated Exhaust
Steering Dampner
Dual Steering
Potential Range of over 600 NM
Payload of over 200kg
Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative
Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved

Note: See the Comparison chart for included options for each model.

Optional extras

Tow System (for towing hang gliders or banners).
BRS (ballistic recovery system/parachute).
Bolly Duratuf propeller.
Training bars.
Factory installed Microair radio and dual Lynx intercom system.

Tthe ultimate go anywhere trike.Standard kit includes tundra wheels, 70 litre fuel tank and GX instruments. The XT Outback makes for a great work horse, remote arial photgraphy, mustering, banner towing from beaches (where allowed). It also makes a great hang glider tug!

  The Rotax 912 80HP engine with electric start is the state of the art engine for ultralight aircraft. With a rebiuld time of 1200 hours this engine has proved itself time and time again with around the world flights being undertaken several times.
  The XT Outback is delivered in bright anodized tubes with powder coated steel parts. The drum brake is on the front wheel. Front suspension is via a low maintenance and easily replaceable suspension rubbers on the front fork. A park brake is operated via the front wheel brake.
  The latest technology in microlight instrumentation is included in the digital GX2 glass panel instrument. The GX2 is a full engine and flight management instrument with emergency button that flashes red if any of the parameters that are factory preset are exceeded. There is also room to mount a panel mount radio such as the Microair radio which can be factory installed. Add the brilliant Lynx pilot passenger intercom system with king post mounted Black Widow aerial and push to talk button and you are ready to fly and talk to other aircraft or the tower!
  The Bolly 3 blade propeller a standard for the XT's runs smoothly and quetly and has excellent performance. The Duratuff version with the toughened leading edge is a must for shale or stony airstrips. There is no need for prop tape with the Duratuff version. Note: Even the Duratuff option can be damaged by stones in certain circumstanses, a prop deflection net a worthwhile option for shale strips.
  The mast capture allows the mast to be folded independently of the engine. The means the trike base can be trailered with the mast in the down position. This is a standard featere on all models in the XT range. The fuel tank holds 70 liters of petrol and couple with the 912 rotax four stroke engine gives the pilot a phenominal range. See the spec sheet.
  Fully upholstered custom tweed seating is standard on your XT Outback. Seating as with all of our models is comfortable for both pilot and passenger. We have made the XT seat a little bigger for more comfort. Back support for the pilot is essential and ours is perfect for those long flights, and works equally as well whether or not a passenger is flying with you. Inertia reel shoulder harnesses are included for the pilot and passenger.



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