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Microlights: X-Series Outback

Note: The OUTBACK S comes with the Streak 2B wing in place of the Wizard 3. All other features and options are the same.

Rotax 582 DCDI 65 HP Engine
E Type Gearbox - Electric Start
Wizard 3 wing, or Streak 2B with the Outback S
Front wheel drum brake with park brake
Ceramic Coated Exhaust
Side Saddle Bags
4 Blade Brolga Propeller
Standard Instruments: ASI, ALT, Tacho, Dual EGT's Water Temp, Hr Meter
Steering Dampner
Dual Steering
Polyethylene 44 litre fuel tank, fuel consumption approx. 10-12 LPH
Potential Range of over 220 NM
Payload of over 200kg
Red powder coated airframe
Front and rear wheel suspension
Cruise at 40 - 45 KTS
Tested to 6G positive and 3 G negative

Optional Exras
Tundra undercarriage
Intake silencer
After silencer with ceramic coating
Training bars
Tow system

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The big tundra tire option coupled with the Wizard 3 wing will give you some amazing landing options. The Outback in this configuration also makes for a great hang glider tug or workhorse for towing banners and stock mustering! Also available with the Streak 2B.

  Rotax 582DCDI, 65 HP engine with E type gearbox (electric start). The Blue Head 582 liquid cooled engine has proven itself over the years as a reliable and efficient ultralight engine. The Outback is now standard with electric start and oil injection, making refueling easier and cleaner. The dual radiator system is positioned to allow for optimal airflow, keeping the engine at the right temperature even when used for towing hang gliders or banners. The engine installation is second to none and allows easy access for maintenance.
  The Outback is delivered in the standard red powder coating and black binacle. The wing is also Red and Black. It is easy to get in and out of, offers excellent visibility and easy access for maintenance. With 44 litres of fuel the Outback has around 3 hours duration and so is a great cross country trikes. The systems used on the Outback are well and truly tested. Smooth running throttle controls, a park brake, and hand cruise throttle.
  Standard Instruments: Asi, Alt, Hr meter, Tacho, EGT & Water Temp. There is also room to mount a panel mount radio such as the Microair. Instrumentation is easy to read. Instrumentation is important and we have included everything that we think is necessary for safe engine and flight management.
  Fully upholstered custom tweed seating + Saddle bags are delivered with your Outback. Seating as with all of our models is comfortable for both pilot and passenger. We have added an efficient back support for the pilot, this works equally as well whether or not a passenger is flying with you. Shoulder harnesses are included for the rear passenger. If you are wondering how comfortable Airborne seats really are, go around and try some other models out there. We believe we have the most comfortable seat in the industry.


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