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The AIR-CHOPPER Paraplane – Powered Parachute

There are many possibilities to do flying, but there is none as easy to learn and exercise else than with the AIR-CHOPPER Paraplane!

The easiest and safest way to independent flying fun ...

... without specific flying experience
... without high financial expenses
... without extensive logistic requirements
... just fly!

Check out the Paraplane Photogallery ...

what is a Paraplane? Take the on-line Paraplane-Tour here!

Technical data:

  quality Aluminium for tubes (6082 T6) and hardware parts (7075 T6)
8.8 steel bolts Cadmium plated
back wheels suspended by fibre glass rods
comfortable seat arrangement for pilot/passenger
motorcycle handlebar with stabilizer springs
dual throttle control
instrument panel with TASKEM flight instrument
37L/10Gal -Aluminium tank

balloon wheels, real leather seats, front wheel brake,
front spot light, side bags, dual steering
  Rotax 582 UL DCDI model 99
2 cylinder, 2-stroke, 65 HP
double ignition, 2 Bing carburetor
water cooled, thermostat
3-blade propeller (2 2-blade counter rotating, optional)
gearbox i=2,62 (3,7)

unique counter rotating COAX-P gear box system
E-starter, engine silencers
  CRUISER 26 ELAN, rectangular 550sft standard canopy
CHIRON SYCON-AIRCRAFT elliptical wing (optional)



We are sorry, the AIR-CHOPPER is no longer available as new. We can help to find a good used plane from the market in case of interest. However, parts are available especially new canopies CRUISER 26 ELAN and CHIRON SYCON-AIRCRAFT, they are still in production. Certainly also engines and engine parts, the COAX-P gearbox and parts for it.

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