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There are many occasions to dream about flying, but there is also a possibility to make that dream come true - with SUN FLIGHTCRAFT



SUN FLIGHTCRAFT is distributor for the renowned Airborne Microlights from Australia. Airborne offers a great variaty of models from highest quality.

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AIR-CHOPPER: Paraplanes - Powered Parachute

The safest way to independent flying fun without specific flying experience, high financial expenses or extensive logistic requirements. SUN FLIGHTCRAFT is manufacturer of the unique AIR-CHOPPER Paraplane.

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Ultralight Planes 3-Axis

SUN FLIGHTCRAFT distributes various types of Ultralight planes such as Eurofox, FK9&14, Eurostar, Sting, CT and others

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COAX-P: Counter rotating propeller gearbox

A world's unique system for Rotax engines to achieve more power, less noise and to avoid torque effect.

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Rotax: Engines and Parts

SUN FLIGHTCRAFT is agent for the most used engines in Light and Ultralight aviation.

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EOS 100 Paramotor engine

SUN FLIGHTCRAFT is worldwide distributor for the new Paramotor engine EOS 100.

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