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COAX-P: Counter Rotating Propeller Gearbox

This unique counter rotating propeller gearbox is designed to fit for Rotax 503 and Rotax 582 engines, not for 912 or any other brands engine.
The COAX-P eliminates the torque effect, creates much less noise (low frequency noise), and improves the thrust for about 15-20% more, compared to various single propeller types.


for Hangglider Trikes and Paraplanes - Powered Parachutes

eliminates torque effect

considerably more power

reduced noise

gear reduction ratio i=3,7


special propellers for HG-Trike or Paraplane - Powered

weight: 17kg (Rotax E-box 11,2kg)

total length of gearbox incl. second propeller: 20cm more than
Rotax box





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