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Ultralight Planes 3-Axis

SUN FLIGHTCRAFT recommends an assortment of good and modern planes with German certification, such as the:

sunflightcraft  xts   sunflightcraft xtc   sunflightcraft  classic


A low wing type plane in full metal, made in perfect quality. Best workmanship in all details. Balanced flight characteristics and good performance combined in a well and long term proven concept. SUN FLIGHTCRAFT has its own plane, available for demo flights.


Sting 2000

Glass fibre or optional full Carbon construction. Low wing type plane with good performance and flight characteristics packed in a modern shape. Perfectly made in all details.



Very modern plane, high wing type, with high performance and top cruising speed due to negative operating flaps. The latest version CTSW with shorter wings and well developed details is definitely umong the finest UL-planes available.

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sunflightcraft  xts   sunflightcraft  xts   sunflightcraft  xts


A many years well proven plane concept built in UL-construction with excellent workmanship in all details with steel tube fuselage. Short take off and landing and well balanced handling. Medium performance and very efficient in operation. A plane well worth the price!


FK 9

Modern built plane in a mixture of fibre glass body and steel frame. Medium performance with good natured behavior and reliability. Perfect for training, towing, efficient in operation.



Nice shaped most modern low wing type plane with high performance and high cruise speed. Among the top class planes nowadays available. Very good climb and well balanced handling. Full fibre glass construction with good workmanship

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