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Technical Data: CT

Vmin minimum speed 65 km/h IAS*
VCR: cruising speed (green arc) 240 km/h IAS*
VC 75%: with 912 (75% = 60 PS) 230 km/h IAS*
VC 75%: with 912S (75% = 80 PS) 240 km/h IAS*
VNE: max. permissible airspeed (red line): 301 km/h IAS**
Take-off run 90 m
Take-off distance over 15 m obstacle 160 m
Max. range ability with 130 l by 180 km/h (30 min reserve) 2.000 km
Tested break load  
With 450 kg take-off weight 9.6 g
With 600 kg take-off weight 7.2 g
Weights and Dimensions  
Minimum single pilot weight 60 kg on one seat
Min. Empty aircraft weight (approx.) ca.268 kg
Max. take-off weight 600 kg depends on country regulations
Wing area CT2K 10,8 m2 CTSW 9,8 m2
Wingspan CT2K 9,3 m CTSW 8,55 m
Overall height 2,16 m
Overall length 6,22 m
Max. cabin interior width 1,24 m
Tank capacity 130 l

*Data for CTSW in German LTF-UL version with 472,5 kg MTOW , CT2K is ca. 5 km/h slower. Values are for ICAO standard atmosphere with put into operation engine and non adjustable fixed pitch propeller.
**In Germany and Austrian limited to 260 km/h through rescue system.

Explanations concerning speed rates:
VNE 301 km/h, from VA to VNE only 1/3 rudder may be given maximum application.
VCR 240 km/h is the max. permitted cruise speed according to German LTF-UL 2003 certification standard.


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