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The AIR-CHOPPER Paraplane – Powered Parachute

The Paraplane is a motorized Ultralight plane for one or two persons, consisting of a frame with engine and wheels and a parachute/Parawing.

Practically anyone can learn to fly it, without the requirement of being a pilot in any other branch of aeronautics (like sailplane flying, paragliding or hang gliding etc.).

The Paraplane is extremely easy and safe to use, and can be learned in only a few hours. In the USA, for example, the origin of Paraplanes (Powered Parachutes), 70% of the Paraplane pilots are new to the flying sport!

Apart from the purchase costs there are only relatively low maintenance costs in comparison to other motorized aircrafts.

The Paraplane can be transported fully rigged anywhere by means of a simple car trailer. You don't need a special hangar and thanks to its flexible wheel suspension, no special airfield with specific ground is necessary for take-offs and landings.

Flying preparation is quick and uncomplicated without any logistic requirements (like having to go to an airport, presence of ground personnel, other equipment).


9 easy steps for Paraplane-Fun:

1. Unload a SUN FLIGHTCRAFT Paraplane from the trailer

2. Spread out the wing behind the airframe

3. Warm up of the engine and pre-flight check

4. Start the engine, put up speed, the wing inflates by itself

5. Brief take-off distance to launch

6. A SUNFLIGHTCRAFT Paraplane flies safely in the air

7. Approach to landing zone

8. Land safely and softly! Apply full brakes to the canopy until you have stopped

9. Pack the glider. The SUNFLIGHTCRAFT Paraplane is ready for loading onto the trailer


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